Why Medicare Advantage costs taxpayers billions more than it should

By Fred Schulte, David Donald and Erin Durkin

Critics warned of billing abuse in Medicare Advantage health plans, but oversight is lagging.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Medicaid":

"… vantage has faced much less scrutiny. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services didn’t try to recoup overpayments until 2012, eight years after …"

The other Washington could hold the key to Medicare's cost crisis

By Joe Eaton

Washington state won't pay for medical procedures that don't work. Why can't Medicare do that?

Excerpts from this story referencing "Thomas Scully":

"… l industry find receptive ears in Congress when program cuts are proposed. Thomas Scully, former Medicare administrator under George W. Bush, said both political p …"

Eyelid lifts skyrocket among Medicare patients, costing taxpayers millions

By Joe Eaton and David Donald

Medicare paying more and more as critics question rationale for procedure that's often cosmetic.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Thomas Scully":

"… icare’s requirement that peripheral vision actually be impaired.   Thomas Scully, former Medicare administrator under George W. Bush, has a blunter assessm …"

How doctors and hospitals have collected billions in questionable Medicare fees

By Fred Schulte and David Donald

Center investigation suggests cost from upcoding and other abuses likely tops $11 billion.

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"… S inspector general’s office. “They don’t see it as a crime.” AMA president Jeremy A. Lazarus agreed that doctors have shifted toward billing higher p …"

"… s. I can’t tell whether a charge is legitimate or not,” she said. AMA president Lazarus in his statement noted that while the AMA provides “guidance for …"

"… t doesn’t back off. In December of 2011, California Medical Association president Dr. James T. Hay fired off a letter to federal officials in Washington not …"

OPINION: Guess who would benefit from privatizing Medicare?

By Wendell Potter

Privatizing Medicare would help insurers, not seniors.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Thomas Scully":

"… e industry talking points. Last week an industry friend in high places — Thomas Scully, who headed the Medicare program during much of the George W. Bush adminis …"

Top health information technology firms prefer 'revolving door' lobbyists

By Josh Israel

Top health information technology firms want lobbyists with Capitol Hill or executive branch experience

Excerpts from this story referencing "Senate":

"… 100 largest health IT companies by annual revenue.  According to the Senate Office of Public Records, 15 of the companies in the 2010 ranking — most …"

"… behalf of top health IT companies previously held staff positions with the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, which claims “a br …"

"… representing HCI 100 health IT companies were five former staffers for the Senate Finance Committee, one former House Committee on Ways & Means aide, an …"

Washington lobbying giants cash in on health reform debate

By Joe Eaton, M.B. Pell and Aaron Mehta

While patients, taxpayers and lawmakers debate the impact of the health care reform law President Obama signed on Tuesday, one result of the

Excerpts from this story referencing "Dutko Worldwide":

"… and Manufacturers of America, for example, hired Capital Tax Partners LLP, Dutko Worldwide, Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti, Inc. and 22 other outside firms, in addition t …"

"… n U.S. cities, China, Israel, Mexico, UAE, and Venezuela.No. 5 (Tie): Dutko Worldwide LLC25 clientsHow much clients spent on health care and other issues in 200 …"