New immigration bill provides ray of hope for separated families

By Susan Ferriss

New immigration bill may ease years-long 'bars' that have split spouses and children

Excerpts from this story referencing "Tijuana":

"… s.” Xitco’s wife, Delia, lives with their two small children south of Tijuana, Mexico, where she moved after  immigration officials told her they h …"

"… he was turned over to immigration by the police officer. She now lives in Tijuana and only sees her 10-year-old son when T.J. drives him over on weekends an …"

Rep. Gutierrez meets on Capitol Hill with families torn apart by 1996 immigration law

By Susan Ferriss

Separated families meet with Rep. Gutierrez, hoping to be included in proposed reforms.

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"… otential allies for reform among some Republicans, he said, including Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the former vice presidential contender, and Rep. Raul Labrad …"

Separated by law: Families torn apart by 1996 immigration measure

By Susan Ferriss and Amy Isackson

Immigration measure has split husbands from wives, children from parents.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Tijuana":

"… or life, with no pardon even possible for 10 years. She now lives south of Tijuana, Mexico, alone with the couple’s two small children. T.J. Barbour, a na …"

"… ess in the United States, like toilet paper, and drives over the San Diego-Tijuana border on those Wednesdays through heavy traffic to see his wife. Their so …"

"… n spend time with his mother, who lives in a small apartment just south of Tijuana. After getting a late start one recent Saturday, T.J. pulls up to mom’s …"

"… re will ask for it. Maythe was deported in early 2011. Agents left her in Tijuana, she said, with nothing but the clothes she was wearing when detained and …"

ATF allegations, anger spread through Mexico

By Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab

Revelations in a story from the Center about ATF's controversial Fast and Furious operation have sparked demands for investigations in Mexic

Excerpts from this story referencing "Mexico":

"… Investigative Journalists. …"

"… iolence has been aggravated by a flow of weapons from the United States to Mexico.Against this backdrop, revelations from a recent Center for Public Integri …"

"… sparked furious reaction from politicians and even the Catholic Church in Mexico. Earlier this month the Center reported that agents of the U.S. Bureau of …"

"… ernment officials insist they were unaware of the operation’s reach into Mexico. The nation's leading prosecutor has launched an internal fact-finding inv …"

Latin American investigative conference keen on collaborations

By Ricardo Sandoval Palos

In only its second run, the Latin American Conference on Investigative Journalism – held last weekend in Buenos Aires – has become one of th

Excerpts from this story referencing "Tijuana":

"… has become one of the most important events on calendars of reporters from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego.A myriad of workshops and seminars on reporting method …"