'Citizens United' ruling helped unions win state elections

By Alan Suderman and Ben Wieder

National unions, business groups focused on states in 2012 elections with unions gaining the edge, new analysis shows.

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"… es of outside cash. In New Hampshire, for instance, the DGA gave the state Democratic Party nearly $3 million, which mostly went to helping Hassan. Analyzing outside …"

"… how you feel about raising prices on Arkansas families.” The state’s Democratic Party tried to fight back against the group by producing a TV ad starring Democr …"

"… t,” says Kathy Sullivan, the Hassan advisor and former head of the state Democratic Party. The money is “gross” and so is the lack of disclosure, she says. Sul …"

Wachdog 6/7/12


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"… l transparency.Read More   …"

Walker wins Wisconsin recall election flooded with outside spending

By Paul Abowd

Record campaign spending followed by record turnout in Wisconsin recall vote.

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"… ker defeated a union-led recall challenge by Democratic Mayor of Milwaukee Tom Barrett.The Wisconsin vote captured national attention, and a flood of out-of-stat …"

Wisconsin recall breaks record thanks to outside cash

By Paul Abowd

All eyes are on Wisconsin recall election as unions square off against deep-pocketed GOP donors.

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"… Wisconsin took a $500,000 donation from AFSCME and $900,000 more from the Democratic Governors Association to fuel a final online, radio, and TV ad push in the week ahead of the vot …"

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker grants significant access to companies, donors

By Kate Golden, Bill Lueders and Amy Karon


Excerpts from this story referencing "Tom Barrett":

"… ely been a partner in economic development.”Walker faces Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on June 5 in a nationally watched recall election.This three-part series, …"

Wisconsin Gov. Walker’s conservative media appearances pay off as he raises millions from out-of-state donors

By Kate Golden and Amy Karon

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's national conservative media appearances have helped him to raise millions from out-of-state donors

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"… Coming Sunday, May 20: Who got access to Walker? …"

"… strategy — a constant public-relations focus in a 24-hour news world.“Scott Walker is a modern politician,”  said Geoffrey Skelley, political analyst …"

Walker’s official work time declines as national fame grows

By Kate Golden and Amy Karon

Wisconsin governor's official work time declines as national fame grows.

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"… at has forced Walker into a recall election June 5 against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Spending on the race is expected to hit $80 million, much of it from grou …"

"… cuss the investigation, citing its secrecy.Walker faces Democratic nominee Tom Barrett in a recall election scheduled for June 5.Next: How Walker sold his polici …"

Scores of union leaders earn six-figure salaries

By John C. Henry

The Standoff in Wisconsin Between Gov. Walker and unions could “trickle up” to jeopardize fat compensation packages of labor leaders....

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"… unded in 1935 by automobile plant workers, currently represents workers at General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, along with workers in the aerospace and agriculture in …"