Suicide rate for veterans far exceeds that of civilian population

News21 investigation finds that veterans are taking their own lives more than twice as often as civilians.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Iraq":

"… sponse to the Joshua Omvig Veteran Suicide Prevention Act — named for an Iraq war veteran who committed suicide in 2005 — the department’s efforts i …"

"… , lives in Portland, Ore., working as a supply-chain analyst. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army specialist and was discharged in 2007. One of h …"

Grand Old Parties: Special interests shower Republicans with perks and parties in the Big Apple

By Meredith O'Brien

Cowboy boots and rock stars. Tuxedos and champagne. Batting practice in a Major League Baseball stadium and coveted tickets to the U.S. Open

Excerpts from this story referencing "Veterans Affairs Secretary":

"… ew York Bar AssociationReception featuring Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi, Senator James Talent (Mo.) and C. Boyden Gray, former Wh …"

The Bush 100

By Derrick Wetherell

WASHINGTON, January 14, 2002 — The average net worth of the individual members of the Bush cabinet, including the President and Vice Preside

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"… g operations.Four members did not fit these categories: Secretary of State Colin Powell and Vice Presidential Counselor Mary Matalin derived the bulk of their inc …"

"… engagements alone earned her nearly $1.36 million, and Secretary of State Colin Powell, whose speaking fees topped more than $6.78 million.Many of the wealthiest …"