How big telecom smothers city-run broadband

By Allan Holmes

Municipal broadband boosts business, but often stops at city limits thanks to lobbying muscle of telecom giants

Excerpts from this story referencing "Widener University":

"… hors cited a study by Joseph Fuhr Jr., an economics professor at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania, who gave examples of municipal broadband network …"

Club 100: Over 100 Americans gave more than $100,000 to state political parties

By Robert Moore

WASHINGTON, November 21, 2002 — Political party organizations will never do business quite the same way again. ...

Excerpts from this story referencing "Illinois":

"… om a $10 million company 1994 to an entity worth $225 million. Graunke, an Illinois resident, contributed to Republican party committees in Minnesota and Miss …"

"… tin McInerney – $100,000McInerney is the owner of 23 auto dealerships in Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Ohio, California and Hawaii as well as in his home sta …"