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"… ’s the good news: 74 percent of people nationwide who enrolled in health insurance plans through the Obamacare exchanges rate their coverage as excellent or …"

"… te a bit of cash if they had the ability or took the time to become better insurance shoppers. That’s according to both organizations. One of the goals of t …"

"… od about their selections, especially when you consider the way the health insurance world used to be. The marketplace is considerably more consumer-friendly t …"

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"… er and apart, to stamp out overcharges that have plagued the privately run insurance program for years. “Safeguards become all the more important as Medicar …"

"… ower lawsuits targeting Medicare Advantage. The suits argue that some insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage “are allegedly engaging in billi …"

"… ients are sicker than they actually are….News reports indicate that some insurance companies are wrongfully claiming sicker patients, leading to inflated ris …"

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"… able Care Act. …"

"… responsibility. The strategy that emerged in the early 2000s was what the insurance industry called consumer driven health plans — CDHPs for short. The …"

"… ubstantial sum from their wallets for medical care every year before their insurance coverage kicks in.   In some ways at least, CDHPs are about less ins …"

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"… bsp;like BCBSM to do the paperwork. It is the employer’s money—not the insurance company’s—that is “at risk” in such arrangements. After suing and …"

"… g in the early 2000s that BCBSM was charging hidden fees, the company told insurance brokers, falsely, that its customers got 100 percent of the hospital disco …"

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"… sed. What will be the next Blockbuster? It very well might be your health insurance company, says Steven Brill, the entrepreneur and journalist whose 26,000-w …"

"… can health care captured the nation’s attention two years ago. “I see insurance companies as the weak players” in the U.S. health care system, Brill tol …"

"… hospitals and hospital-based health care system will be selling their own insurance,” Brill told me. I agree.  It’s a “back to the future” pheno …"

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"… Me? What Everyone Needs to Know About the Affordable Care Act. …"

"… ed 501(c)(3) nonprofit that appears to have been created with funding from insurance companies  by APCO Worldwide, a Washington influence firm with a long …"

"… deral spigot of taxpayer dollars already gushing into the bank accounts of insurance companies that operate Medicare Advantage plans, those privately run alter …"

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"… Street Journal editorial page. The CEOs of the largest for-profit health insurance corporations were very wary of Obamacare as it was being drafted on Capito …"

"… the public option. And lawmakers agreed to make the penalty for not buying insurance more painful with every passing year. But despite the worry, it turns out …"

"… every passing year. But despite the worry, it turns out that the law the insurance industry’s shills demonized has been awfully good to insurance company i …"

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"… He made no mention of the fact that what he really had in mind was putting insurance companies back in the middle of that relationship.   Stutts, who unt …"

"… of last week, this former up-and-comer, whose bill would once again allow insurance companies to decide when a mother and her newborn would have to leave the …"

"… a backlash against what was perceived to be inappropriate interference by insurance companies in the patient-physician relationship.    In the earl …"

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"… on’t always like how the candidates fare on the scorecard. For instance, insurance companies, which heavily supported Pomeroy, a former insurance commissione …"

"… r instance, insurance companies, which heavily supported Pomeroy, a former insurance commissioner, weren’t thrilled when the Chamber targeted him. Rep. John …"

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"… for Me? What Everyone Needs to Know About the Affordable Care Act. …"

"… w. He was quoted as saying that the “cost shift from Medicaid to private insurance would worsen as millions of eligible people are added to the Medicaid roll …"

"… l executives would like, that doesn’t mean they can simply force private insurance companies to pay more. In fact, as he pointed out, reduced government reim …"

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"… the game.” That was the phrase that many of my former colleagues in the insurance industry and I began using in the early 2000s as a way to deflect attentio …"

"… to begin shifting more and more of the cost of health care — and health insurance — to their customers. That meant that sick policyholders in particular w …"

"… ubtedly has contributed to a very troubling phenomenon: people with health insurance who are no longer getting the care they need because they don’t have eno …"

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"… of people are getting in 34 states to help cover the cost of their health insurance are illegal. Cruz and others who despise Obamacare are hoping that if the …"

"… hinks such an outcome would usher in an era of a better functioning health insurance marketplace should read the amicus brief submitted by America’s Health I …"

"… earth if the Supreme Court decides against the government, but of a health insurance apocalypse. Not everywhere, though, ironically. The marketplace meltdown w …"

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"… those most frightened by the National Health Service—then and now—are insurance industry executives. My former colleagues have been unceasing in their dep …"

"… nything in the world possibly be worse than a single-payer system in which insurance companies would be unnecessary? When I was an industry PR guy, I was part …"

"… s recently given the unfortunate news that his doctor was no longer in his insurance company’s network of providers. He was turned away. “Gray is far from …"

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"… he Affordable Care Act. …"

"… necessary to “keep insurers honest.” Getting rid of a government-run insurance option was the industry’s top objective during the health care reform de …"

"… was elected. He said on July 18, 2009, “Any plan I sign must include an insurance exchange—a one-stop-shopping marketplace where you can compare the benef …"

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"… up called the Coalition for Medicare Choices, which was set up by the insurance industry trade association America’s Health insurance Plans and boasts 1 …"

"… d the White House to back off. It pleads its case in a video ad. The insurance industry trade group also has held briefings on Capitol Hill des …"

"… hole.” Congress created Medicare Advantage in 2003 to encourage private insurance companies to jump into the senior care market without hesitation. Since th …"

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"… ould also eliminate the existing parts of the law  protecting us from insurance company practices that used to keep millions of us in the ranks of the uni …"

"… nbsp; There is some truth to that. The Affordable Care Act requires health insurance policies to cover 10 essential benefits, ranging from preventive care to p …"

"… nt CARE Act would restore that freedom.  And it would also restore to insurance companies the freedom to set annual limits on coverage. The health insuran …"

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"… cially—are the top executives and shareholders of the country’s health insurance companies. Among those who apparently have not yet benefited much at all, …"

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"… pede the reach of Obamacare. Lawmakers in New York, for instance, extended insurance benefits to veteran horse racing jockeys in the state, while Tennessee and …"

"… the case, King v. Burwell, is due this summer and could radically shake up insurance markets. That would no doubt result in a new flood of proposals. But stat …"

"… would offset any fines collected from people who refuse to purchase health insurance, or otherwise limit the law’s reach. A “model” bill considered in at …"

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"… at will create more layers of regulation and bureaucracy.” The finance, insurance and real estate sector ranked third in contracts with advertising and PR a …"

"… Health insurance Plans. It’s unclear what exactly the agency did on the insurance group’s behalf — the firm’s founder, David Barnhart, declined to ans …"

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"… tion shoppers: After today, for those whose employers don’t offer health insurance, there will only be seven shopping days left for coverage that starts on J …"

"… o sort through the options available to you, you might wind up paying your insurance company a lot more than necessary — which is exactly what a lot of my fo …"

"… the choice of a government-run “public option” to compete with private insurance companies. Insurers spent millions of dollars on lobbying and campaign con …"

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"… of us are still uninsured because the law doesn’t bring down the cost of insurance nearly enough. You will meet a few of those millions in Remote Area Medic …"

"… are uninsured. Brock told me that a growing number of folks actually have insurance. The problem is that they can only afford plans with high deductibles — …"

"… ts calls from budget-strapped folks in high-deductible plans who say their insurance companies have suggested they try to find a RAM clinic to get the care the …"

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"… l government’s efforts to help low-income Americans pay for their health insurance, it was time for high-fives at the Cato Institute in Washington. Cato’s …"

"… and let the “free market” decide whether or not people can buy health insurance and how much it will cost them. In the unfettered market Cato wants to re …"

"… thought-out Plan B from Cato. Aside from getting rid of regulations on the insurance industry—especially the Obamacare regulations that protect consumers fro …"

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"… th about why reform was needed and how the final law would protect us from insurance industry abuses. Which, fortunately, it does. The problem is that most Ame …"

"… are system is not just a problem for the uninsured. Those who do have insurance have never had less security and stability than they do today. More a …"

"… at if you move, lose your job, or change your job, you'll lose your health insurance too. More and more Americans pay their premiums, only to discover that the …"

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"… eren’t the only big winners in last Tuesday’s election. So were health insurance companies, many of which spent heavily to influence the outcome.  Th …"

"… e.  There are several provisions of the Affordable Care Act that the insurance industry would like the next Congress to change. If insurers get what they …"

"… of what a Republican controlled Congress might be able to pull off has put insurance company shareholders in good humor. Within 24 hours of knowing that Mitch …"

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"… cent of the funding has come from five insurers that control the state’s insurance marketplace: Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser, Health …"

"… thcare.  What Proposition 45 would actually do is give the state’s insurance department the power to reject unreasonable rate increases. California is …"

"… reasonable rate increases. California is one of only 15 states where  insurance commissioners don’t have that authority. Insurers want to keep it that …"

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"… d by a judge late last month. The suit also names four Medicare Advantage insurance plans which, Silingo alleges, “turned a blind eye” to the practices. T …"

"… alth plans, an alternative to standard Medicare, are mostly run by private insurance companies. They serve more than 15 million Americans, or about one in thre …"

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"… ers to Contain Health Costs. The “no” groups are backed by doctors and insurance companies, including The Doctors Company and Blue Shield of California, fi …"

"… Recent transplant James VanBuskirk, a 34-year-old marketer for a property insurance company, says he sees one every time he watches prime-time TV. Prop 46 to …"

"… ld require insurers to receive approval for rate hikes from the California insurance commissioner, an elected regulator. The ballot committee supporting the me …"

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"… m bill enabling undocumented residents to buy coverage on the state health insurance exchanges out of fear that doing so might jeopardize their re-election cha …"

"… all of the state’s 2.6 million undocumented residents — to have health insurance (The Massachusetts law does allow the undocumented to receive state-funded …"

"… Romney’s, but not quite enough, thanks to an unholy alliance between big insurance companies and employer groups and liberal activists and lawmakers who woul …"

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"… anniversary of the turbulent debut of the Obamacare-created online health insurance exchanges. "In just the last year, we’ve reduced the share of uninsured …"

"… about 10 million people — have gained the financial security of health insurance in less than one year." Approximately 8 million people were finally able …"

"… enroll in health plans on private exchanges or by working directly with an insurance company or agent. As a consequence, the rate of uninsured Americans droppe …"

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"… at are working directly with employers like Boeing — and cutting out the insurance company middlemen — believe they can do more than save money for th …"

"… ealth care quality and service for workers and their families in ways that insurance companies cannot.    Employers are starting to realize that ins …"

"… mployees, along with UW (University of Washington) Medicine — without an insurance firm. Officials at Providence-Swedish told me Boeing chose to work with th …"