An ethical mess in South Carolina

By Corey Hutchins

A brutal political brawl even by Palmetto State standards.

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"… cs violations, including the use of campaign money for personal use. After media stories drew attention to that fact, lawmakers quickly moved to fix the measure. …"

Texas tries to crack down on dental chains that put profits ahead of patients

By David Heath

GOP legislator in Texas says its time to end "outrageous activities" of corporate dental chains.

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"… tients as they saw fit.“The dental board and staff are aware of the many media stories concerning the allegations of Medicaid fraud and patient abuse,” Parker …"

FDA: A shell of its former self

By M. Asif Ismail

The Food and Drug Administration lacks the power to regulate pharmaceuticals and keep you safe

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"… y monitoring system as well as the FDA's inaction. Complaints about Vioxx, media stories revealed, had been trickling in since 2001."The fact is that doctors shoul …"

The influence peddlers

By Yossi Melman and Julio Godoy

Arcadi Gaydamak epitomized the business of war in the post-Cold War era – an entrepreneur with global ties to resource exploitation

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"… a "sympathetic" person, but claimed he severed ties with him in 1994 when media stories surfaced about Tokhtakhounov's links to criminal organizations, because su …"

Commentary: Profiteering from democracy

By Charles Lewis

In his January 1998 State of the Union address, after decrying the campaign-fund-raising "arms race," Preside

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"… ot that you are likely to read, see or hear much about it in national news media stories.Winning friends the old-fashioned wayHow do media corporations win friends …"