Internet ammunition sales draw scrutiny

By Fred Schulte

Legislators want to crack down, but NRA says history shows regulation is not effective

K Street, Wall Street line up behind Sen. Scott Brown in his race against Elizabeth Warren

By Peter H. Stone

Senate race fundraising stoked by dislike of big bank nemesis Elizabeth Warren

15 Tea Party Caucus freshmen rake in $3.5 million in first 9 months in Washington

By Aaron Mehta and Bob Biersack

Tea Party Caucus freshmen gobble up special interest contributions

Half the members of Congress are millionaires

By Amy Biegelsen

The fabulously rich members of Congress

Special interests woo Super Congress members with campaign cash

By Sandy Johnson and Aaron Mehta

Campaign contributions pour into Super Congress members who must trim spending by $1 trillion

Super Congress hauls in super donations as special interests try to influence budget cuts

By Aaron Mehta and Josh Israel

Gang of 12 tasked with cutting budget by $1.5 trillion hauls in big PAC donations

The perils of a highway bill

By Gordon Witkin

New road-building measure could create jobs, but would likely be susceptible to pork-barrel spending

As FEMA funds run out, senators from states with most disasters oppose funding bill

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

Some senators supported disaster aid before they voted against it

Outside groups spend $1.65 million on House races in Nevada, New York

By Aaron Mehta and Josh Israel

Outside groups influence special elections in Nevada and New York with $1.65 million

The "career patrons" of the Super Congress chairmen

By Josh Israel

Who bankrolls Super Congress chairs Patty Murray and Jeb Hensarling?

Darrell Issa's tangled business and congressional interests

By Jeremy Borden

Do Darrell Issa's personal and congressional interests intersect?

Clyburn draws line in the sand on Social Security

By Jeremy Borden and Aaron Mehta

James Clyburn, a reliably loyal liberal named to Super Congress

Failed DCCC head Van Hollen will take liberal line in SuperCongress

By Fred Schulte, Aaron Mehta and Josh Israel

Chris Van Hollen, loyal opposition on Paul Ryan's budget committee

Xavier Becerra has voted repeatedly to protect Social Security, Medicare

By Amy Biegelsen and Josh Israel

Becerra comes down firmly in favor of protecting entitlements

Toomey's Club for Growth years will inform his deficit committee work

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

Toomey opposed post-2008 crash programs as biggest bailouts since Depression

Portman known as a pro-business moderate Republican

By Corbin Hiar, Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

Rob Portman's experience in White House, Senate and House may help debt talks

Kyl will oppose "job-killing" tax hikes in Super Congress talks

By Amy Biegelsen, Jeremy Borden and Aaron Mehta

"Most conservative senator" Kyl will take tough stand against taxes

Hensarling will take hard line into Super Congress debates

By John Aloysius Farrell and Josh Israel

Co-chair of Super Congress opposed bank bailout as socialist

Fred Upton must balance devastated Michigan with cost-cutting

By Jeremy Borden and Aaron Mehta

Communications, energy companies give big bucks to Upton

Max Baucus is known as a centrist dealmaker

By Jeremy Borden and Aaron Mehta

Finance chairman Max Baucus brings moderate views to Super Congress

Super Congress co-chair Patty Murray champions liberal causes, big business

By David Heath and Josh Israel

Patty Murray, co-chair of the Super Congress, supports big business and entitlements

Dave Camp, Ways and Means chair, would cut "out of control" spending

By Amy Biegelsen, Josh Israel and Peter H. Stone

Ways and Means chairman Camp champions fiscal restraint and protecting business

John Kerry, Dem appointee to Super Congress, has record of working across the aisle

By John Aloysius Farrell and Aaron Mehta

John Kerry, backer of infrastructure projects, gets big donations from transportation

Who bankrolls the Super Congress?

By Sandy Johnson

Introducing the appointees to the super committee that will dig up $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts

Revolving door: 100% increase in lobbyists now working for Congress

By Alexandra Duszak

CRP report details doubling of former lobbyists now working for lawmakers

Blue Dogs, decimated by defeats and retirements, turn to lobbying shops

By Aaron Mehta

A third of Blue Dog congress members who left office in January are now on K Street

High-speed rail initiative derailed as part of budget compromise

Billions in funding for high-speed rail was sacrificed as part of the budget compromise

Who bankrolls the budget showdown players

By iWatch News

In the drama of Government Shutdown 2011, a handful of powerful congressmen vie for the leading role.