The perils of a highway bill

By Gordon Witkin

New road-building measure could create jobs, but would likely be susceptible to pork-barrel spending

High-speed rail initiative derailed as part of budget compromise

Billions in funding for high-speed rail was sacrificed as part of the budget compromise

Obama proposal aims at problems highlighted in Center series

By Gordon Witkin

President Barack Obama’s proposal to spur the ailing U.S. economy by investing in transportation infrastructure is an effort to restart a st

Partisan sniping over transportation earmarks

By Nick Schwellenbach

The Democratic chairman of the House Transportation Committee is questioning whether Republicans are sticking to their earmark moratorium wh

The road gang

By Matthew Lewis

Roadbuilding lobby wary as livability advocates gain momentum

Developers in the driver's seat on transportation

By Matthew Lewis

Unfocused transport policy leaves real estate industry eager to give Congress directions

Halt in federal highway program reveals lobby’s larger frustrations

By Matthew Lewis

The transportation lobby stands united in its collective angst with Republican Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky, whose objections to deficit spe

Winter ends for the high-speed rail lobby

By Matthew Lewis

The transportation world is buzzing over the President’s visit to Florida Thursday, reportedly to announce the lucky recipients of $8 billio

Main Street chases transportation money

By Matthew Lewis

chases transportation money

Money to high speed rail could create conflicts with other transpo projects

By Matthew Lewis

The emergent high speed rail lobby, which we highlighted in a story today as part of our Transportation Lobby project, may be approaching it

While federal action stalls, a battle rages in Virginia

By Matthew Lewis

As transportation enthusiasts wait for official Washington to hash out a brand new $500 billion transportation bill, a duel just over the Po

Congress hits snooze button on transportation bill

By Matthew Lewis

Wednesday was supposed to be the day by which the transportation logjam was broken on Capitol Hill. The nation’s existing law was set to exp

About this project

About the Transportation Lobby project

Following the money for construction, campaigns

By Matthew Lewis

Critical deadlines are looming to renew funding for transportation projects, but there are differing approaches to the problem in the House

How does high-speed rail get from here to there?

By Matthew Lewis

Backers of high-speed rail service have never been more excited. Thanks to the unabashed enthusiasm of the Obama administration, $13 billion

FAA reauthorization ‘stuck on the tarmac’

By Matthew Lewis

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week introduced another bill to reauthorize the currently leaderless and conflict

New, performance-based method of divvying up funds at risk

By Matthew Lewis

Public transportation advocates are up in arms this week over the latest twist in an ongoing war between mass transit and highway funding in

Stimulus for planes, trains, but mostly automobiles.

By Joe Eaton

The big winner in the $825 billion stimulus proposal revealed Thursday by House Democrats is roads. State road projects get a proposed at $