Methodology for the Silent Partners investigation

Indictment of a system

By Elizabeth Brown and Alex Knott

Like DeLay's committee, groups run by 30 other members of Congress took corporate money and transferred funds to national party accounts

Study findings for "Indictment of a System"

By The Center for Public Integrity

Study findings for "Indictment of a System"

527s run aground in the states

By Kevin Bogardus

Groups continue to raise money as some regulators crack down

Campaigning for oil

By Kevin Bogardus

A 527 helps Alaska's push to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Battling over social security

By Kevin Bogardus

Several groups associated with 527s are now engaged in the dispute over Bush's plan to overhaul the entitlement program

GOP 527s outspend Dems in late ad blitz

By Alex Knott, Aron Pilhofer and Derek Willis

Progress for America and Swift Boats dominated airwaves in swing states

527 Fundraising Nets a Record Haul

By Derek Willis

Independent political groups have raised $391 million for the 2004 election

527 Ad Spending Heavy in Midwestern States

By Derek Willis

Wisconsin and Iowa see millions in advertising since June

GOP 527s Gaining Ground

By Derek Willis

Political groups on the right raise at least $26 million since June

527s attract new donors as others abandon system in wake of BCRA

By Alex Knott and Agustín Armendariz

Cash from first-time donors points to a changing of the guard among individual contributors in the 2004 election cycle

Incomplete disclosure

By Derek Willis

IRS filings show few penalties for political committees that fail to meet requirements

Voter turnout group focuses on Ohio

By Derek Willis

America Coming Together puts hundreds of employees into Buckeye State

The money pours in

By Derek Willis

Political non-profits rake in millions of dollars from rich donors

Commentary: Political mugging in America

By Charles Lewis

Anatomy of an "independent" smear campaign

Silent Partners: Special Report

By Derek Willis and Aron Pilhofer

How political non-profits work the system

The new soft money

By John Sents

Gubernatorial associations skirt campaign finance laws

Politician 527s

By Alex Knott and Agustín Armendariz

Committees tied to lawmakers adjust to new regulations

Young money

By Meghan O'Donnell

College Republicans show how to play the fund-raising game

Buying influence

So-called 527 committees spend millions on elections with little oversight or accountability