Nat’l organization for marriage flyer upsets candidate it praises and candidate it bashes

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

Poet Shel Silverstein once noted that, “Some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without.” While candidates targeted by independe

AFSCME invests big in Wisconsin House race

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees labor union, is spending a whopping $750,000 on a 30-second ad in

Anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage groups target Boxer, in Spanish

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

California Sen. Barbara Boxer is now being hit by independent expenditure ads in two languages. Yesterday, You Report: Election 2010 noted t

Chamber of Commerce ad slams California Democrat

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

Among the best-known independent expenditure groups attempting to shape the November election is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has dec

American Future Fund uses “fork in the road” ad

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

In the age of YouTube, it’s easy to forget that TV advertising doesn’t come cheap. Producing a spot, then buying air time in a TV market ca

Non-profit led by ex-Bush official criticizes gov’t spending by both parties

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

While many of the independent groups trying to shape the outcome of the November election expressly endorse or criticize a candidate, some a

Crossroads GPS ad attacks Sen. Patty Murray in Seattle

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

A reader in Mukilteo, Washington, a coastal suburb about 20 miles north of Seattle, reports seeing an independent attack ad against Washingt

Harold Simmons

By Peter H. Stone

In conservative and GOP money circles, Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons is almost a household name. ...

Ed Gillespie

By Peter H. Stone

Ed GillespieIt’s hard to find a Republican politico anywhere who can match former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie’s frenetic pace and huge investm

Craig Varoga

By Peter H. Stone

Veteran Democratic Party operative Craig Varoga has quietly emerged as a significant player in the universe of outside political groups that

Fred Malek

By Peter H. Stone

Republicans nationwide have long relied on Washington venture capitalist Fred Malek to haul in big bucks for their committees and campaigns,

Campaign cash: The independent fundraising gold rush since 'Citizens United' ruling

By Peter H. Stone

For many powerful GOP operatives and allied fundraisers, the luncheon last April felt like one part reunion and one part strategy summit for

California Republican lampooned in tropical ad

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

As election ads paid for by third-party groups begin to flood U.S. airways, one group seeking campaign finance reform is running an ad blast

You Report: Election 2010

By Josh Israel and Aaron Mehta

The Supreme Court's ruling in the Citizens United case opened the floodgates for corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money


Methodology for the Silent Partners investigation

Indictment of a system

By Elizabeth Brown and Alex Knott

Like DeLay's committee, groups run by 30 other members of Congress took corporate money and transferred funds to national party accounts

Study findings for "Indictment of a System"

By The Center for Public Integrity

Study findings for "Indictment of a System"

527s - Frequently Asked Questions

By The Center for Public Integrity

A primer on the fundraising groups created through a legal loophole

527s run aground in the states

By Kevin Bogardus

Groups continue to raise money as some regulators crack down

Campaigning for oil

By Kevin Bogardus

A 527 helps Alaska's push to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

McCain-Feingold changes state party spending

By Agustín Armendariz and Aron Pilhofer

Fundraising dips, ad buys plummet in first election after campaign reform

Old parties learn new tricks

By Kevin Bogardus

Finding a loophole, Governors' 527s gave $13.2 million to state parties in 2004

Organizational donors

By Neil Gordon

Profiles of the top organizational donors in 2003 and 2004

Individual donors

By Kevin Bogardus

Profiles of James E. Pederson and Jay Van Andel

Industry donors

By Kevin Bogardus

Profiles of the top industry donors in 2003 and 2004


By Kevin Bogardus

Profiles of the top consultants in 2003 and 2004

Battling over social security

By Kevin Bogardus

Several groups associated with 527s are now engaged in the dispute over Bush's plan to overhaul the entitlement program

Democrats likely to choose Howard Dean as leader

By The Center for Public Integrity

During his run for president in 2003, the former governor from Vermont pioneered Internet fundraising

GOP 527s outspend Dems in late ad blitz

By Alex Knott, Aron Pilhofer and Derek Willis

Progress for America and Swift Boats dominated airwaves in swing states

Kerry almost doubles Bush's recount funds

By The Center for Public Integrity

Primary campaign funds give Kerry the edge