The new soft money

By John Sents

Gubernatorial associations skirt campaign finance laws

Politician 527s

By Alex Knott and Agustín Armendariz

Committees tied to lawmakers adjust to new regulations

Young money

By Meghan O'Donnell

College Republicans show how to play the fund-raising game

Buying influence

So-called 527 committees spend millions on elections with little oversight or accountability

Right on the money: The George W. Bush profile

By Charles Lewis

On January 30, 1990, Platt's Oilgram News, a respected trade journal of the petroleum industry, reported that a subsidiary of a small, Dalla

Millionaires continue to dominate presidential race

By Daniel Lathrop

Kerry plans to use 1970s-era campaign finance regulations

Kerry carries water for top donor

By M. Asif Ismail

Sen. Kerry's largest campaign contributor lobbies on behalf of telecommunication interests

The money race: After first quarter, Kerry leads

By Daniel Lathrop

Sen. John Kerry remains top Democratic fundraiser, barely

Gore spent recount money in primary states before bowing out

By Alex Knott

Ethical questions raised by Gore's spending of recount funds on his presidential run

It's a millionaires' race: New financial disclosure database details assets of 2004 presidential candidates

By Alex Knott

New financial disclosure database details assets of 2004 presidential candidates

National GOP exchanges soft money for hard in Florida

By John Dunbar

Money changes hands regardless of whether it is an election year or not

Soft money primer

By John Dunbar

What you need to know about this form of political donation


By Katy Lewis, Robert Moore, Leah Rush and MaryJo Sylwester

Half of states fail to keep public informed of state party campaign activity

Disclosure ranking

By The Center for Public Integrity

Nationwide numbers on state agencies that monitor campaign finance data

Washington state

By Phillip Caston

Tough disclosure laws still fail to catch millions in undisclosed soft money

Operating accounts

By Robert Moore

Alaska, Michigan, Ohio and South Carolina all have unlimited donation limits

Federal Election Commission

By The Center for Public Integrity

How does the federal law stack up?

The dispersion of disclosure

By MaryJo Sylwester and Katy Lewis

States have inconsistant disclosure laws, incomplete records and barriers to easily obtaining financial records

State bans on soft money

By Eric Marx

Conn. is only state with campaign finance law similar to Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act

State parties collected nearly $570 million in contributions, soft money transfers in 2000

By John Dunbar, MaryJo Sylwester and Robert Moore

States used as a $263 million back door for soft money

Hired hands grab chance to skirt '527' disclosure law

By Kathryn Wallace and Marianne Holt

WASHINGTON, November 1, 2000 — Complying with a new federal law, Political Animals registered with the Internal Revenue Service by the Augus

Montana an unlikely target for out-of-state campaign cash

WASHINGTON, October 25, 2000 — Montana might not seem like the logical setting for a full-scale brawl over a U.S. Senate seat, but with the

Here are the groups targeted by 'no-soft-money' pledge in New York race

By Marianne Holt and Kathryn Wallace

(Washington, October 3) New Yorks U.S. Senate candidates, Republican Representative Rick Lazio of Long Island and his Democratic opponent, f

Outside groups push pedal to the metal In Michigan race

By Kathryn Wallace

WASHINGTON, September 21, 2000 — The Sierra Club is distributing campaign items attacking Senator Spencer Abraham in the form of a "campaign

Legal challenge seeks to bring down new campaign finance law

By Kathryn Wallace and Marianne Holt

A conservative group in Alabama has filed the first court challenge to recently passed campaign finance legi

IRS seeks to clarify new campaign finance disclosure law

By Kathryn Wallace and Marianne Holt

WASHINGTON, August 17, 2000 — A campaign finance law intended to resolve questions about unregulated soft money is generating as many questi

Undisclosed soft money to pay for GOP perks; 21 on Hill seek change

By Marianne Holt and Kathryn Wallace

WASHINGTON, July 28, 2000 — At the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, cars and drivers will be provided for all attending Repub

Interests behind 527 groups seeking ways around new law

By Marianne Holt and Kathryn Wallace

WASHINGTON, July 12, 2000 — Though the law forcing certain tax-exempt political groups to disclose their donors and expenditures is just day

Congress passes campaign finance reform

By Marianne Holt

With a 92-6 Senate vote, Congress has passed the first campaign finance reform legislation in 21 years. The Ful

Congress sifts competing measures on campaign finance reform

By Marianne Holt

WASHINGTON, June 27, 2000 — On June 8, the Senate passed an amendment by Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., that would force currently invisible