Bush's insider connections preceded huge profit on stock deal

By Knut Royce

WASHINGTON, April 4, 2000 — The year 1986 was very good for George W. Bush. ...

Loophole allows donors to give without leaving a trace

By Marianne Holt and Kathryn Wallace

WASHINGTON, March 30, 2000 — The same day that Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore unveiled his campaign finance reform proposal, an o

$5,000 buys companies access to GOP attorneys general

WASHINGTON, D.C. March 21, 2000 — For as little as $5,000, corporations are buying access to presidential candidate George W. Bush, along wi

Overnight guests at governor's mansion added $2.2 million to Bush campaign

By Nathaniel Heller

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2000 — Sixty of George W. Bush's overnight guests at the Texas Governor's Mansion have collectively given and raised m

Party machines, lobbyists and special interests: Part five

For months, disarray was the hallmark of Vice President Al Gore's campaign. Last October 6, he moved his campaign to Nashville from Washingt

Party machines, lobbyists and special interests: Part four

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2000 — Throughout his political career, Bill Bradley has defined himself by what he is not. ...

Party machines, lobbyists and special interests: Part two

Pat Buchanan's switch to the Reform Party on Oct. 25, 1999, was a dramatic change in the fiery commentators political life. A lifelong conse

Commentary: Under the Influence: Why This Series?

By Charles Lewis

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2000 — British statesman George Canning wrote more than a century ago: "Away with the cant of 'measures, not men!' the

Party machines, lobbyists and special interests: Part one

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2000 — It is no surprise and nothing new in the land of the spin and the home of the sound bite that each and every can

McCain tax bill would save corporate contributors millions

WASHINGTON, D.C. February 11, 2000 — Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has talked at length about tax cuts that would benefit lowe

Stealth PACs revealed

By The Center for Public Integrity

February 9, 2000 — The 2000 election cycle promised to be a high-stakes and free-spending election by anyone's measure. The balance of power

Steve Forbes, cattle farmer

WASHINGTON, D.C. January 25, 2000 — Steve Forbes' signature line in his 2000 campaign is, "Steve Forbes: He wants you to win." But who's the

How George W. Bush scored big with the Texas Rangers

WASHINGTON, D.C. January 18, 2000 — When George W. Bush first embarked on a deal to buy the Texas Rangers professional baseball team in 1988

How the Gores, father and son, helped their patron Occidental Petroleum

WASHINGTON, D.C. January 11, 2000 — On Sept. 7, 1995, Vice President Albert Gore Jr., stood on the White House lawn and talked in sweeping t

Bradley was driving force behind biggest tax giveaway

January 6, 2000 — Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley laid out his plans for tax reform on Jan. 4, attacking corporate tax shelte

The Buying of the President 2000

WASHINGTON, D.C. January 5, 2000 — Each of the leading presidential candidates for the 2000 election has done public- policy favors for his

Commentary: Campaign checklist

By Charles Lewis

WASHINGTON, January 4, 2000 — The peaceful transfer of power is a majestic moment in any democracy, but it is particularly poignant for the

Vice president's quarters draws fund-raisers' bucks

By Russ Tisinger

WASHINGTON, December 14, 1999 — A man's home might be his castle, but for Al Gore, the vice president’s official residence is more than that

Belying his rhetoric, McCain worked for megamerger sought by campaign patron AT&T

By Nathaniel Heller and Annys Shin

WASHINGTON, December 7, 1999 — Republican Senator John McCain, outspoken advocate of campaign-finance reform, has built his presidential can

Federal elections panel too swamped to check campaign finance abuses

By Marianne Holt

December 1, 1999 — The Federal Election Commission is mired in an investigation backlog and will be swamped by thousands of cases, giving it

Elizabeth Dole, Inc.: How she can focus on her lucrative public speaking

By Monte Paulsen

October 20, 1999 — Following the blueprint of her husband and fellow presidential hopeful, Bob Dole, the one-time president of the American

Coelho failed to list $300,000 loan

By Bill Hogan

October 6, 1999 — Tony Coelho, the chairman of Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign, did not report a now-controversial $300,000 p

Investigation, audit reveal past mismanagement by Gore's campaign manager

By Bill Hogan

WASHINGTON, October 2, 1999 — On May 11, praising "his leadership skills and strategic vision," Vice President Al Gore named Tony Coelho gen

Coelho tapped government resources to repay personal loan

October 4, 1999 — Tony Coelho, the chairman of Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign, used government employees and resources to ra

Starr Struck: Part three

By Florence George Graves

BOSTON, April 1, 1998 — While the tradition of resisting subpoenas was already established in print journalism, it didn't start to develop i

Starr Struck: Part two

By Florence George Graves

BOSTON, April 1, 1998 — While the Hubbell Subpoena merited page one treatment in The Times, there was far less coverage, mostly brief mentio

Starr Struck: Part one

By Florence George Graves

BOSTON, April 1, 1998 — The Kenneth Starr assailed by the Clinton administration as an agent of a vast right-wing conspiracy is the same Ken