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Retiring senators sitting on $10.5 million

By Michael Beckel

Eight retiring senators are collectively sitting on $10.5 million.

Obama inauguration fueled by corporations, unions

By Dave Levinthal

Companies, unions and special interests fuel January event with more than $18 million.

NRA spends record money on lobbying this year

By Dave Levinthal

Pro-gun organization increases influence effort as congressional debate rages.

Terrorism, disasters can't stop political fundraising

By Dave Levinthal

Terrorism, disasters can't stop lawmakers from fundraising.

More senators opt to e-file campaign disclosures

By Michael Beckel

A small but growing number of U.S. senators are filing campaign finance disclosures electronically.

E-cigarette maker fires up lobbying efforts

By Reity O'Brien

Manufacturers of smoking alternative faces new government scrutiny.

Meehan stockpiling cash for future political run?

By Dave Levinthal

Former Rep. Marty Meehan, now a university chancellor, says politics may yet be in his future.

Massa quits paying wife from campaign account

By Dave Levinthal

Disgraced congressman Eric Massa had been paying wife to keep books of dormant warchest.

Allen West fuels his nonprofit with campaign cash

By Dave Levinthal

Former congressman fuels his new nonprofit group with leftover campaign money.

GOP super donor Bob Perry dead at 80

By Dave Levinthal

Texas homebuilder among most prominent contributors ever to Republicans.

Wealthy supporters fuel Obama nonprofit

By Dave Levinthal and Michael Beckel

Six-figure donations go to 'grassroots,' pro-Obama nonprofit.

GOP senators urge FCC to avoid new disclosure rules

By Michael Beckel

13 Republican senators urge FCC to implement no new disclosure rules.

Political strategists praise power of online fundraising

By Michael Beckel

Former Obama and Romney campaign staffers dish about online fundraising strategies.

Dem senator: Campaign finance laws a 'mockery'

By Reity O'Brien

Sheldon Whitehouse spars with Justice officials, Ted Cruz over political money.

McCain campaign reels in riches from 2008 legal fund

By Dave Levinthal

Sen. John McCain's Senate campaign benefits from legal fund set up during 2008 presidential run.

NCAA spent $1.6 million on lobbying in past decade

By Michael Beckel

March Madness may be coming to an end, but the job of the NCAA's lobbyists is never done.

How governors' associations keep donations secret

By Paul Abowd

Political groups led by state executives increasingly raising undisclosed cash through nonprofits.

Ron Paul using campaign cash to aid his nonprofit

By Dave Levinthal

Former Rep. Ron Paul bankrolling nonprofit he founded with congressional campaign cash.

Governors’ groups rely increasingly on 'dark money' affiliates

By Paul Abowd

Powerful state governors' associations are pumping more funds into nonprofit arms.

IRS ‘outs’ handful of donors to Republican group

By Paul Abowd

Donors to Republican Governors Association nonprofit include hospital company that backed Obamacare.

Air show lobbyists to buzz Capitol Hill

By Dave Levinthal

Air show lobbyists to press Congress on sequestration's grounding of military plane demonstrations.

Center invests in finance, money-in-politics coverage

Top-notch investigative reporters added to Center's money-in-politics team.

Sanford gets late boost from N.Y. millionaire

By Michael Beckel

School choice advocate Howard Rich gives Mark Sanford's congressional campaign a late boost.

'Consider the Source' e-book tells story of how money dominated Election 2012

'Consider the Source' e-book tells story of how cash dominated Election 2012.

No joke: Clowns have lobbyists, too

By Michael Beckel

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus' parent company posted record lobbying expenditures last year.

Easter has friends on K Street

By Reity O'Brien

From confectioners to egg cooperatives, a basketful of political influencers press agenda.

The anatomy of a misleading fundraising email

By Dave Levinthal

Democrats' latest fundraising pitch rife with misleading rhetoric.

Dodd's failed presidential campaign fixes its books

By Michael Beckel

After being fined by the FEC, Democrat Chris Dodd's 2008 presidential campaign files amended documents.

Judges flock to company-sponsored seminars

Federal judges flock to seminars sponsored by corporations, conservative nonprofits.

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