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Slow start to Landrieu's runoff campaign

By Dave Levinthal

Nearly 100,000 negative ads helped turn tide in Florida elections

By Michael Beckel, Reity O'Brien and Kytja Weir

Hate political ads? Skip morning shows

By Dave Levinthal

Koch-backed nonprofit raised $44 million in 2013

By Michael Beckel

Gillespie's rich friends leave him hanging

By Carrie Levine

Ballot measure backers spend big, win big

By Liz Essley Whyte

GOP rides cavalry to U.S. Senate majority

By Michael Beckel, Dave Levinthal and Carrie Levine

Ad war winners take governors' mansions

By Ben Wieder, Reity O'Brien and Rachel Baye

The meanest U.S. Senate races of all

By Chris Kirk and Dave Levinthal

FEC hunts political ghosts on Halloween

By Carrie Levine

Surprise! No. 1 super PAC backs Democrats

By Carrie Levine and Dave Levinthal

Election 2014 by the numbers

By Michael Beckel

Mega-donors give big to state candidates

By Rachel Baye, Reity O'Brien and Ben Wieder

U.S. Senate races to attract 1 million TV ads

By Michael Beckel and Dave Levinthal

Flush with mystery money, Kentucky nonprofit haunts Grimes’ Senate bid

By Michael Beckel

Power shifts to outsiders in U.S. Senate fight

By Michael Beckel