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Washington State group strikes first with “No on 933” television ad



Seattle-based Citizens for Community Protection has produced the first television ad of the 2006 campaign in opposition to a takings initiative.

The organization’s Web site notes that the idea for the ad — as well as its setting — were provided by “fifth-generation Palouse wheat grower Aaron Flansburg.”

The ad, featuring and narrated by Dave Hedlin, who’s identified as a Washington farmer, shows Flansburg plowing the text “No 933” into his barley fields. Subtitles advise viewers that Initiative 933 is opposed by the United Farm Workers and the Western Washington Agricultural Association.

“No on 933” Television Ad 1

Hedlin: To us, it’s not just a farm, it’s our way of life — passed down for three generations and worth protecting. That’s why so many farmers are voting no on 933. [Initiative] 933 isn’t for farmers, it’s about turning our farms into housing developments and strip malls. You want to know what farmers think about 933? Ask me. I’m a farmer, and I’m voting no on 933.”

The ad is then identified as “Paid for by Citizens for Community Protection.”

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