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Seattle-based group launches second “No on 933” TV spot



Seattle-based Citizens for Community Protection, which last month produced the year’s first television ad in opposition to a takings initiative, has released a second “No on 933” spot.

Its ad, which focuses on the potential costs of the initiative and cites the opposition of the Washington State Council of Firefighters and League of Women Voters, uses the tagline “933 goes too far and costs too much.”

“No on 933” Television Ad 2

What will Initiative 993 cost taxpayers? Independent studies show 933’s payoffs for special interests, red tape, and lawyers’ fees will cost taxpayers $8 billion – more than $1,300 per Washington resident. And 933’s budget-busting costs could force cuts in vital services. That’s why firefighters and the League of Women Voters are opposed to 933. [Initiative] 933 goes too far and costs too much. Vote “no” on 933. Paid for by Citizens for Community Protection.

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