In Idaho, Opponents Take To The Air

“No on Proposition 2” Forces Unveil Television Ads



Neighbors Protecting Idaho, the chief opponent of Proposition 2, has released its first television spot.

The ad features George Iliff, the chairman of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, and Bert De Winkle, a dairy farmer in Melba, Idaho.

“No on 2” Television Ad 1

Iliff: While I support property rights, I don’t support Proposition 2. It could cost taxpayers millions in payoffs, lawyers’ fees, and cut vital services; and it’s being funded by a wealthy New Yorker.

De Winkle: Here’s what I know about Proposition 2. It could turn any Idaho property, including farmland, into junkyards, power plants, or high-rises. That’s why every farmer I know is voting “no.”

Iliff: It’s not for us and it’s not for Idaho. Vote “no” on 2.

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