Two Against 2

Current and former Idaho governors urge Idahoans to vote “no” on Proposition 2



The chief opponent of Proposition 2, Neighbors Protecting Idaho, has produced its second television ad.

The spot features Idaho Governor Jim Risch, a Republican, and Democrat Cecil Andrus, a former Idaho governor and U.S. Secretary of the Interior, both of whom oppose Proposition 2.

“No on 2” Television Ad 2: “Not for Us”
A narrator speaks as images of Risch and Andrus are shown and their comments are displayed.

Have you heard about Propositions 2’s costs?

Governor Jim Risch says, “It’s not really about eminent domain and could cost Idaho taxpayers millions.”

Former Governor Cecil Andrus says, “Prop 2’s wealthy New York backers don’t need to be telling us how to manage our land.”

Join farmers, ranchers, the League of Women Voters, and chambers of commerce across Idaho in opposing Proposition 2. It’s not for us, and it’s costly for Idaho. Vote “no” on 2.

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