Anti-90 Group Unveils New TV Ads

Spots say Proposition 90 would be “a taxpayer trap”



Californians Against the Taxpayer Trap, the chief opponent of California’s Proposition 90, has released two new 15-second television ads.

“No on 90” Television Ad 3: “Mousetrap”

A narrator speaks as a mousetrap, which finally snaps, is shown on the screen.
Proposition 90 is a giant trap for homeowners and taxpayers. It would take away protections from homeowners and result in $15 billion in new taxpayer costs. [Proposition] 90 is a taxpayer trap. Vote “no.”


“No on 90” Television Ad 4: “Environment”

A narrator speaks as a list of environmental organizations opposed to Proposition 90 scrolls onscreen.
Prop 90 is opposed by every leading environmental group in California: groups defending our air, our land, and our water, because 90 is bad for the environment and it’s a taxpayer trap. Vote “no” on 90.

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