Top 10 Rick Perry donors who were McCain bundlers

Of the 313 bundlers who roped in at least $100,000 for John McCain in 2008, more than two thirds have yet to give to a contender this year. That means a potentially huge pool of money is out there for the GOP  candidates to fight over — money that could be a game-changer.

One of Rick Perry's major advantages is a long history of strong fundraising. He could bring previously undecided bundlers from 2008 into the fray. An iWatch News analysis of data from CQMoneyLine and found 37 McCain bundlers who donated to Rick Perry at some point between 1998 and June of 2011. These individuals may be willing to back the Texas governor.

The Top 10 McCain bundlers who gave to Perry are:

NAME                           AMOUNT

Phil D. Adams


Thomas G. Loeffler


Hushang Ansary


William E. Powell


Nancy Loeffler


John T. Steen Jr.


Thomas O. Hicks Sr.


James R. Huffines


Robert Mosbacher Jr.


Gaylord T. Hughey Jr.


*All amounts are “at least”