Are nuclear reactors in your area prepared for a severe accident?

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Following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan last March, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission released inspection reports on U.S. reactor operators' preparations for severe accidents. After the earthquake and resulting tsunami, Fukushima experienced core meltdowns in addition to loss of offsite power and other equipment failures. In a worst-case scenario, these voluntary Severe Accident Mitigation guidelines (SAMGs) are the U.S. plants' defense against a similar sequence of unexpected equipment malfunctions. They are designed to help ensure that workers can respond to overrride systems if need be.

To see when your plant was last inspected for emergency prepardness, click the link to download the inspection report for your plant's region in PDF form. For more information on the specifics of these preparedness inspections, see the NRC's manual on inspections [PDF].