The Great Mortgage Cover-Up: A Two-Part Series

iWatch News tells the story of a pattern of fraud at Countrywide Financial Corp., once the nation’s largest mortgage lender, and a high-ranking executive who blew the whistle and, she claims, was fired for her trouble. The story is the product of a 10-month investigation that included review of thousands of pages of court documents and interviews with former company insiders.

Part 1: iWatch News staff writer Michael Hudson details the story of Eileen Foster, Countrywide Financial Corp. fraud investigation chief, who uncovered massive fraud within the company and, federal officials say, paid a price for doing so.
Part 2: The story continues, as the investigations overseen by Foster lead to conflict with senior Countrywide executives, her eventual firing by Bank of America—Countrywide’s new owner—and vindication from the U.S. Department of Labor.