Key documents: Columbia University drug study

Columbia Orders 'Thorough Investigation'
On July 31, 2001, Columbia Medical Center Dean Gerald Fischbach calls for a “thorough investigation of all clinical research protocols currently conducted by Elliott Bennett-Guerrero” and tells Bennett-Guerrero not to enroll new patients. 

A Death Is Reported
On Nov. 11, 2001, Bennett-Guerrero reports the death of a patient in the drug study to the Columbia Institutional Review Board. 

Columbia Clinical Review Committee Recommendations
A confidential report of the Clinical Review Committee convened by Fischbach recommends that Bennett-Guerrero “be subjected to appropriate sanctions based on his failure to comply with good clinical practice and the resulting lack of adherence to ethical and regulatory standards for the conduct of clinical research.”  

Elliott Bennett-Guerrero v. Columbia University
Bennett-Guerrero's civil complaint accuses Fischbach and Columbia University trustees of imposing sanctions that are “arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, illegal and invalid.” The lawsuit ended with a confidential settlement.