Romney: Sharing the wealth in the states

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has directed $1.8 million in contributions from political committees controlled by his campaign and cash from his own pocket to win the support of Republicans candidates. Here’s how much Republicans in each early-voting state got and which Republican presidential candidate won. Super Tuesday contributions are in the second chart.

State Contributions Winner
IA $92,657 Santorum
NH $105,250 Romney
SC $100,205 Gingrich
FL $82,128 Romney
NV $20,633 Romney
MO $35,000 Romney
MN $22,163 Santorum
CO $16,685 Santorum
ME $10,750 Romney
MI $59,803 Romney
AZ $38,166 Romney
WY $22,500 Romney
WA $8,000 Romney

Spending for Super Tuesday states

MA $80,232
GA $65,155
VA $50,763
TN $45,000
OH $37,579
AK $2,500
OK $12,250
VT $8,250
ID $21,341
ND $4,500