Beneficiaries from Citizens United

The 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that led to the creation of super PACs and free-spending political nonprofits added nearly $1 billion in new spending to the 2012 election. Nine of the top 10 beneficiaries were media buyers, which usually collect a 15 percent commission of the amount billed.

Rank Name Total Given
1 Mentzer Media Services $204 million
2 Crossroads Media LLC $163 million
3 Waterfront Strategies (GMMB) $81 million
4 Mundy Katowitz Media $59 million
5 American Media and Advocacy Group $27 million
6 Target Enterprises $17 million
6 Red Sea LLC $17 million
8 Revolution Media Group/Revolution Agency $16 million
9 Arena Communications (direct mail) $14 million
10 Main Street Media Group $13 million

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