'Consider the Source' e-book tells story of how money dominated Election 2012

Available for download on computers, tablets and smartphones



People, parties and outside political players spent more money on Election 2012 than during any other — by a significant amount.

"Consider the Source," a new interactive e-book written by the Center for Public Integrity's political reporting team, provides the narrative behind how the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision affected the first presidential election in which it was a factor. 

During the 2012 cycle, groups aided or enabled by the Supreme Court's ruling spent nearly $1 billion and voters experienced an unprecedented barrage of political advertisements.

As the nation prepares for major state-level elections in 2013 and critical midterms in 2014, the "Consider the Source" e-book also explains how professional politicking is influencing this flood of new spending.

View and download the "Consider the Source" e-book by clicking here.

The e-book is compatible with most tablet e-reader software. Click the following links for downloading directions for iBooks (iPad and iPhone) and Kindle.

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