NRA Spending

The Citizens United decision largely freed the National Rifle Association to spend unlimited amounts of cash to overtly support or oppose political candidates, so long as the spending wasn’t “coordinated” with the actual campaigns. And NRA cash flowed especially freely in these four Senate races. The red portions indicate the amount spent in support of the Republican candidate; the blue portions show the amount spent to oppose the Democratic candidate. Hover over each portion to identify the candidate and amount spent.

  • Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Pat Toomey narrowly defeated Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak in 2010.
  • Missouri GOP Rep. Roy Blunt beat Democratic Secretary of State Robin Carnahan in 2010.
  • Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel, a Republican, was defeated by incumbent Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in 2012.
  • Wisconsin's former GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson was beaten by Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin.

Credit: Dave Levinthal, Alan Berlow and Paul Williams. Source: Center for Responsive Politics.