Test your nuclear targeting aptitude



A mushroom cloud rises July 25, 1946, above Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands following an atomic test blast, part of the U.S. military's "Operation Crossroads." AP

The Defense Department on June 19 released an unusual summary for Congress of President Obama’s highly classified directive instructing the Pentagon to begin realigning the U.S. nuclear targeting plan to reflect post Cold-War realities. The 10-page document, entitled Report on Nuclear Employment Strategy of the United States, is full of obscure Cold War-era lingo and arcana. So the Center for Public Integrity supplies here a brief learning exercise in which readers — particularly those readers too young to have participated in a “duck and cover” drill under school desks — can measure and improve their nuclear war know-how.

Those with fewer than three correct answers were probably born in the last 25 years. Those with three to 7 correct answers are informed citizens of the state. Civilians with eight or more may be the subject of a leak investigation. Select the answers below, then scroll down to receive your score.

—  R. Jeffrey Smith

Newspaper icon by Andrew Whitacre, licensed CC BY-NC 2.0. Opened email icon by DeviantArt user ~Ovilia1024, licensed CC BY 3.0