The network of the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling

Sheldon Adelson
chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation
Adelson runs one of the world's biggest casino companies and is among the world's richest people. He says Internet gambling would harm his industry and would be difficult to police. He and his wife have given nearly $100 million in recent years to political candidates and committees. Now he says he's ready “to spend whatever it takes” to ban Internet gambling.
Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling
George Pataki
former NY gov.
Wellington Webb
former Denver mayor
Blanche Lincoln
former senator, D-Ark.
These three former politicians were hired by Sheldon Adelson's Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. Since the group’s launch last year, they've published opinion pieces and appeared on television warning that legalized online betting could lead to underage gambling and be used by organized criminals and terrorists looking to launder money. Lincoln also lobbies on behalf of Las Vegas Sands.
Photos: AP, Christopher Peterson (CC BY-SA), U.S. Senate, courtesy Webb Group International