The network of the Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection

The Las Vegas-based company and AGA member owns a stake in the Borgata, a New Jersey casino that offers online gambling in that state.
American Gaming Association
The gambling industry's chief lobbying and advocacy group, it represents the major casino companies.
Jim Messina
Democratic strategist and consultant
Former Obama campaign manager​, chairman of Organizing for Action and co-chairman of Priorities USA Action, Messina also leads a consulting firm, the Messina Group, which was hired by the American Gaming Association to help organize a "grassroots" push for legalizing online gambling and countering Adelson's push for a federal ban.
Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection
Michael G. Oxley
co-chairman and former House rep., R-Ohio
Mary Bono
co-chairwoman and former House rep., R-Calif.
The two former U.S. representatives were hired as co-chairs of the group — formed in response to Adelson's coalition — with the goal of blocking any attempts to pass a federal ban on Internet gambling. The group is framing the debate in terms of consumer protection, states rights and Internet freedom.​
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