082514 Colorado broadband

“Not only would this allow the city and government of Longmont to enter into the telecommunications business, but it would threaten to raise taxes and fees on Longmont residents.”

- Jeff Crank, Colorado director of Americans for Prosperity.

Days before Longmont, Colorado, residents went to the polls on Nov. 1, 2011, to vote on funding a citywide broadband network, the Americans for Prosperity Colorado chapter claimed, in a robocall, that city officials said they would not repair power lines to personal property that were downed after an ice storm.

The claim was “absolutely not true,” said Tom Roiniotis, general manager of Longmont Power. “The vast majority of our customers never lost power as a result of this storm and most who did had service restored within hours. The ironic thing is we heard reports that some citizens had to wait over a week for their Comcast services to be restored.”

Longmont residents approved the $40.3 million needed for the network, 61 percent to 39 percent. Longmont Power plans to begin offering service in December.