Who funds the top spending candidates in state elections?

$14.5 million in TV ads 1. Bruce Rauner, Ill.:
Republican governor candidate

Top contributors to Rauner campaign:

Bruce Rauner: $11 million

Republican Governors Association: $6 million

Kenneth Griffin: $3.5 million

Richard Uihlein: $600,000

Edgar Jannotta Jr.: $400,000

$11.4 million in TV ads 2. Tom Wolf, Pa.:
Democratic governor candidate

Top contributors to Wolf campaign:

Tom Wolf: $10 million

M. Thomas Grumbacher: $1.2 million

PSEA PACE PAC: $500,000

Pennsylvania SEIU COPE: $500,000

Louis J. Appell Jr.: $475,000

$9.5 million in TV ads 3. Tom Corbett, Pa.:
Republican governor incumbent.

Top contributors to Corbett campaign:

Republican Governors Association PAC: $1.8 million

John M. Templeton: $420,000

Republican Party of Pennsylvania: $350,000

John S. Middleton: $300,000

H.F. Lenfest: $250,000

$7.1 million in TV ads 4. Andrew Cuomo, N.Y.:
Democratic governor incumbent

Top contributors* to Cuomo campaign:

Leonard Litwin: $720,000

Richard P. Richman: $190,000

Cablevision: $170,000

Richard Lefrak: $125,000

MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc: $120,000

*Reflects personal and affiliated corporate contributions

$5.8 million in TV ads 5. David Dewhurst, Texas:
Republican lt. governor incumbent

Top contributors to Dewhurst campaign:

Harold Simmons: $500,000

James D. Pitcock: $435,000

Kenny A. Troutt: $275,000

Drayton McLane: $165,000

Border Health PAC: $160,000

Source: Kantar Media/CMAG and state campaign finance filings collected through Sept. 8, 2014.