Who funds the top spending groups in state elections?

$11.4 million in TV ads 1. Republican Governors Assoc.:
Active in: Ark., Ariz., Conn., Colo., Ga., Iowa, Kan.,
Maine, Mich., Neb., N.M., OH, S.C., Wis.

Top contributors to RGA:

David Koch: $3.75 million

Sheldon Adelson: $3.5 million

Paul Singer: $2.5 million

Kenneth & Ann Griffin: $1.8 million

Mike & Mary Sue Shannon: $1.5 million

$10.8 million in TV ads 2. Let's Get To Work:
Active in: Fla.

Top contributors to Let's Get To Work:

Republican Governors Association: $9 million

Lawrence DeGeorge: $1 million

William L. Edwards Trust: $1 million

Mike Fernandez: $1 million

Florida Chamber of Commerce Alliance: $660,000

$5.1 million in TV ads 3. Democratic Governors Assoc.:
Active in: Mich., Pa., Ark., S.C., Conn.

Top contributors to DGA:

AFSCME: $2 million

NEA Advocacy Fund: $1.6 million

American Federation of Teachers: $1.1 million

SEIU IPEA: $800,000

Drive Committee: $650,000

$4.9 million in TV ads 4. Illinois Freedom PAC:
Active in: Ill.

Top contributors to Illinois Freedom PAC:

Illinois PAC for Education: $1.5 million

Democratic Governors Association: $1 million

AFSCME Council 31 PAC: $900,000

SEIU Illinois Council PAC Fund: $840,000

Illinois Federations of Teachers COPE: $825,000

$2.3 million in TV ads 5. NextGen Climate Action Committee:
Active in: Pa., Fla.

NextGen Climate Action Committee is a nonprofit

organization that is not required to disclose its contributions.

It was created by California hedge fund manager and

environmentalist Tom Steyer.

Source: Kantar Media/CMAG, IRS and state campaign finance filings collected through Sept. 8, 2014