Key findings from our investigation into minors seeking asylum

Key findings:

  • About 2,180 kids’ asylum bids were pending at the end of June — but that doesn't reflect a surge of more than 66,000 recent border apprehensions.
  • Only 108 minors were approved by the U.S. Asylum Office during the first nine months of fiscal year 2014.
  • Minors have no right to appointed counsel in immigration or asylum proceedings, so a nationwide network of pro-bono attorneys has stepped in to help kids seeking asylum.
  • Only one out of 10 kids without counsel was granted legal status, according to a review of 10 years of immigration court records.
  • The Obama administration has recently slated $10.8 million in grants for groups to provide counsel for these migrant minors.
  • Asylum applicants must show harm is linked to religion, race, political opinion or a “social group” that’s being targeted, but legal opinion is divided over whether youths resisting gangs are a “social group.”