Key findings from our reporting on TV ad spending for ballot initiatives

Key findings:

  • As of Oct. 20, $108 million had been spent on TV ads for statewide ballot initiatives and $11 million on local initiatives.
  • Four of the five most expensive ballot initiatives feature at least one corporate patron helping pay for ads.
  • This year voters will decide 158 statewide ballot measures compared with 184 in 2010, when a similar number of offices were up for election.
  • Ballot measure backers and opponents have already spent more on TV ads than in all of 2010: $119 million through Oct. 20 versus $87 million in 2010.
  • Gambling-based ballot measures in three states are responsible for $17.5 million in ad spending.
  • Marijuana is on the ballot in the District of Columbia and three states, spurring $4.5 million in ads.