2014 graphics



The Center for Public Integrity's mission is to serve democracy, which our apps and graphics do using interaction and visual design to help citizens understand the issues we cover.

Tracking the ad wars

To cover more than 40 state and U.S. Senate elections in 2014, we used ad-tracking data to identify the hot spots and who was advertising for and against gubernatorial, judicial and state legislative candidates. A pair of maps provided the appetizer for a voluminous data entrée.

China's offshore accounts

Working with a team spanning at least ten countries, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, a project of the Center, found the offshore accounts of China's megarich and the sons and daughters of Chinese elite. This app made hundreds of these links transparent.

China: who uses offshore tax havens »

How Tennessee connects

To illustrate a story on municipal broadband focusing on Tennessee, we built an interactive map of the broadband footprints in the state and added price and speed data for the cities with municipal fiber. To make download speeds real to readers, tiny simulated download bars animate accross the screen.

The FCC's calendar

When do telecom officials meet with representatives from the largest companies in wireless? We used records from the FCC to trace the contacts.

Courting the FCC »

Corporations give to nonprofits

To show the flow of corporate donations to tax-exempt entities, many of which are active in politics and policy, we created an app that displays the threads of donations, which shift as the reader scrolls each list. The full data is a click away.