The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wish list

President and CEO Thomas Donohue laid out the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's top priorities in his 2015 State of American Business address in January. What follows is the organization's wish list — in Donohue’s own words.

Trade promotion authority

"The administration is negotiating two historic trade agreements — the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The Chamber has supported these initiatives from the start."

Keystone Pipeline

"We are going to keep pushing on the Keystone pipeline. The administration's own facts clearly show that this project will create jobs and energy security without harming the environment."


"We know that reform is unlikely to happen in one big bill, and we recognize that moving forward cannot be 'comprehensive or nothing.' Yet there is more agreement in the country and in Congress than you may think — and it is in the political interests of both parties to act before the next election."

Comprehensive tax reform

"We will encourage genuine efforts to create a simpler, fairer, pro-growth tax system. We will not support an approach that uses tax reform as an excuse to engineer another big tax increase on American business."


"We're asking Congress to pass a long-term highway and mass transit bill with full funding — along with appropriate reforms. We must fully fund our aviation and water systems as well. The big question is how to pay for these programs. The simplest and fairest way to do this is through a modest increase in the federal fuels user fee that hasn't been increased in more than 20 years."

Regulatory reform

"Government reform must also address the regulatory system, which hasn't been significantly modernized since the Harry Truman administration. Remember him? I do — it was a long time ago!"

Regulatory relief

"While we strongly support technological solutions to address greenhouse gas emissions, we do not believe that regulation of these emissions through the Clean Air Act is appropriate or workable.
In health care, we support congressional efforts to restore the 40-hour workweek to define who must be covered under the employer health care mandate. We'll work to repeal taxes such as the medical device tax, the Cadillac tax and the health insurance tax."

Capital markets

"The Chamber will also seek further targeted fixes to Dodd-Frank. For example, the Financial Stability Oversight Council is considering overdue and necessary changes to its systemically important designation process. In addition, both the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Treasury Department's Office of Financial Research ought to be placed under the appropriations process."

Spending and entitlement reform

"More than anything else, the nation's massive debt is being driven by entitlements... One of the early tests for Congress will be passing a fiscally responsible budget that will lay the foundation for further action on tax and entitlement reform. This will be no small feat."

Net neutrality

"We recognize that the issue of net neutrality divides the tech community, but there can be no neutrality as far as the Chamber is concerned. We oppose efforts to regulate the Internet as if it were a 20th century public utility."

Education reform

"We must ramp up efforts to reform public schools — to toughen the standards and measure them against prior years so that we know when students are falling behind. We also need to remove bad teachers and pay good teachers more, create more innovative charter schools, and ensure that parental choice is an option not just in wealthy communities but in all communities."