Tim Mooney profile

Tim Mooney

Political consultant and founding partner at Silver Bullet, which runs entire ballot campaigns

Active in:
Arizona, Florida, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah. “We’ll do any place but California,” he said.

Mooney and his partners organize signature gathering for ballot measure campaigns but sometimes also act as overall campaign managers for measures and candidates. They work for conservative politicians and causes.

Founded in 2004, his firm has worked on 36 ballot measure campaigns, which changed state constitutions 13 times in eight different states.

“Had enough of an elected official?” Silver Bullet’s website asks. “Silver Bullet can ‘take ‘em out through recall.’” It also says: “Policy agenda being blocked by legislative action? Silver Bullet can ‘take it to the ballot by initiative.’”

Mooney consults with clients prior to trying to get their idea on the ballot. “If it’s a crazy idea, we’ll tell you flat out it’s a crazy idea,” he said. “But if you’re insistent on wasting money, please waste it with us.”