Michael Arno profile

Michael Arno

Owner of Arno Petition Consultants, which hires contractors to gather signatures for initiatives

Active in:
California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Ohio

His firm has worked on about 700 state and local ballot measures, and only twice has it failed to qualify for the ballot, he said. One of the failed measures was a measure to divide California into six states. He generally works on conservative causes.

Arno started gathering signatures as an employee of Kimball Petition Management before forming his own company. But at first he didn’t think he’d have enough business, so he worked as a sports journalist in Texas for two years.

Because of Illinois requirements, Arno delivered 591,092 signatures — nearly double the number required — to the Secretary of State in a 36-foot-long book delivered by 20 men and a semitruck in 2014. It wouldn’t fit in the door of the state capitol.