Airbnb key findings

Key findings:

  • The traditional hotel industry and short-term rental sites such as Airbnb are fighting over regulation by flooding state elections with cash and lobbying.
  • At least 60 bills aiming to regulate Airbnb and other short-term rental sites have landed in 23 state legislatures in the 2015 session, many of them pushed by the traditional lodging industry that seeks to level the regulatory playing field.
  • Executives, corporations and trade groups representing the hotel and lodging industry donated at least $11 million to candidates and national groups active in state-level elections in 2014.
  • Airbnb, its executives and top venture capital funders donated at least $920,000 to candidates and outside groups for 2014 state-level elections, with at least $189,000 going to races in its home state, California.
  • The American Hotel & Lodging Association, a century-old trade group that represents hotels and inns, has state-level affiliates registered to lobby in at least 42 states, while Airbnb and its trade group, The Travel Technology Association, have lobbyists registered in at least 22 states.
  • Both the hotel industry and Airbnb have employed public relations tactics to create faux “grassroots” campaigns to influence public opinion and lawmakers in the jurisdictions where short-term rentals have become contentious.