How colleges used Koch money in 2013

School State Money received Koch foundations' stated purpose What the money really goes toward
George Mason University Virginia $14,487,000 Educational programs Programs at the Mercatus Center and Institute for Humane Studies, which are closely tied to the Koch brothers. Also funded building renovations at campus building Mason Hall. "We appreciate the generosity of our donors including the Koch Foundation and are excited about all gifts we receive," George Mason University spokesman Michael Sandler said.
Florida Southern College Florida $400,000 Educational programs School officials did not respond to questions. "The Science of Success" by Charles Koch is on the book club reading list of the school's Center for Free Enterprise, which is led by Derek Yonai, who received his doctorate at George Mason University.
Florida State University Florida $358,140 Educational programs Economics Ph.D. fellowships to candidates, a faculty salary in the economics department, undergraduate student research and guest speakers for a registered student organization, said university spokesman Dennis Schnittker. A memorandum of understanding signed in April 2013 by Florida State University and the Charles Koch Foundation indicates a $1.5 million foundation commitment to help fund several professorships, a teaching specialist, undergraduate and post-doctoral programs and administrative costs.
Texas A&M University Texas $263,000 Educational programs "These are gifts to support the mission of the university. We do not disclose donor information, typically," said Monika Blackwell, a Texas A&M University Foundation spokeswoman. Political science professor Joseph Daniel Ura did list on his resume $9,700 in Charles Koch Foundation funding received in 2010.
The Catholic University of America District of Columbia $215,000 Educational programs Part of a $2.75 million commitment over several years to "bolster the school’s goal of advancing the study and practice of principled entrepreneurship." The money "puts our school far along the path of creating a cadre of faculty dedicated to research exploring how we can make business and economics more humane,” Andrew Abela, dean of the university's School of Business and Economics, said in a press release. “That’s not only the vision for our school; it’s also a moral imperative that Pope Francis has been championing with great passion.” University spokesman Victor Nakas declined further comment.
Southern Methodist University Texas $192,000 Educational programs University spokesman Kent Best says the money does not go to a certain department, institute or program and does not affect how it teaches. "SMU values freedom of speech and diversity of opinion within the university and respects the diversity of opinions among our many supporters," he said.
Baylor University Texas $171,500 Educational programs "Research and support of graduate programs in the Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business," spokeswoman Lori Fogleman said. Recent doctoral graduate Christopher Bissex now works as the Charles Koch Foundation's program manager for academic careers.
Utah State University Utah $145,000 Educational programs An even $100,000 went toward "faculty support," while another $45,000 funded the Koch Scholars Program — an "opportunity to meet on a weekly basis to discuss an assortment of select books, movies and podcasts." Said spokesman Tim Vitale: "We looked closely at the agreement and made absolutely clear that if at any time we perceived any kind of outside pressure whatsoever, we would end the relationship."
Clemson University South Carolina $140,000 Educational programs Funding for the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism, the Department of Economics and the Charles Koch Annual Fellowship for an economics student, university spokeswoman Robin Denny said. "Gifts are for educational purposes that are clearly defined prior to receipt," she said.
Ohio State University Ohio $130,000 Educational programs An even $100,000 went toward salary and benefits for an economics department instructor who will teach an estimated eight courses a year in “on topics related to economic freedom and competitive markets, such as the history of thought, public finance, industrial organization, and micro and macroeconomic principles,” university spokeswoman Amy Murray said. The rest went toward “various department activities as identified by the chair to enhance the department, including seminar presentations, graduate student research and travel and faculty teaching,” she said. The school also received $132,000 during 2014, she said.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill North Carolina $115,000 Educational programs Half of "a pledge for the Charles Koch Visiting Scholars Program in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program. This program is conducted in collaboration with Duke University," university spokesman Jim Gregory said.
Texas Tech University Texas $109,000 Educational programs The school's Free Market Institute and the Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, spokesman Chris Cook said.
Brooklyn Law School New York $100,000 Educational programs Faculty support under the control and supervision of Brooklyn Law School, said school spokesman John MacKin.
Indiana University-Purdue University Inianapolis Indiana $92,500 Educational programs A university spokeswoman directed questions to Kathy Gutowsky, spokeswoman for the university's nonprofit fundraising arm, the Indiana University Foundation. "We will not provide specific details with regard to the Charles Koch Foundation or other donors," Gutowsky said.
Oklahoma State University Oklahoma $69,000 Educational programs "Oklahoma State University and the OSU Foundation maintain the confidentiality of gifts made by donors," spokesman Gary Shutt said. The university's Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise does, however, advertise a "Koch Internship Program" and "Koch Summer Fellow Program."
George Washington University District of Columbia $62,000 Educational programs The university's Regulatory Studies Center received $50,000 and School of Business received $12,000, university spokesman Jason Shevrin said.
College of Charleston South Carolina $52,000 Educational programs Support for the College of Charleston’s Center for Public Choice and Market Process in the college's School of Business, spokesman Mike Robertson said. “The College of Charleston considers many factors before it partners with a particular group or organization,” he added, noting that the school strictly adheres to an established gift acceptance policy.
Ohio University Ohio $50,000 Educational programs The university's Prague Study Abroad Program in Economics received $35,000, while $15,000 went to speakers and undergraduate research fellowships at the George Washington Forum — a "civic education initiative which aims to promote intellectual diversity and civil public debate," university spokeswoman Katie Quaranta said.
Troy University Alabama $50,000 Educational programs School officials did not respond to questions. In 2014, spokesman Andy Ellis said a previous contribution "provided gifts to establish the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy within the Sorrell College of Business." The center is led by Stephen C. Miller, who earned his doctorate at George Mason University and "received a five-year grant to support free enterprise educational activities by the Charles Koch Foundation."
Loyola University, New Orleans Louisiana $42,000 Educational programs "The gift from the Koch Foundation helped to fund a program/speaker series within the College of Business," spokeswoman Patricia Murret said.
Harvard University Massachusetts $40,000 Educational programs "Faculty research, as well as student life," spokesman Patrick McKiernan said. "Many of our donors are politically active across a wide range of perspectives, but they share in common support for Harvard."
University of Arizona Arizona $40,000 Educational programs Graduate students in the UA Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, housed in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, spokesman Chris Sigurdson said. He added that the university doesn't take into consideration donors' political leanings, just the gift itself. "Political speech should never be a litmus test for academic philanthropy."
University of Central Arkansas Arkansas $40,000 Educational programs "The money was used to bring in a featured speaker, pay student assistants to write papers that were presented at a conference (one student used that presentation to help him earn a fellowship to grad school), pay for travel, conference registration and hotel for two students and two faculty members," spokeswoman Christina Muñoz Madsen said.

Sources: Internal Revenue Service tax filings, Center for Public Integrity interviews, contracts between Charles Koch Foundation and various universities, press releases, published resumes.

Notes: Funding covers calendar year 2013 for schools receiving $40,000 or more in money from private foundations led by Charles Koch and/or David Koch. Two Koch-backed foundations that directly fund universities — the Charles Koch Foundation and the Fred C. & Mary R. Koch Foundation — provide explanations of university funding in annual tax reports filed with the Internal Revenue Service.