9 things to know about Louisiana's Nov. 21 runoff

  • No state has seen more state political ads than Louisiana this year, with more than 72,000 broadcast TV ads aired through Monday.
  • With an estimated $17.3 million spent on TV ads, the Louisiana governor’s race has been the most expensive state election in 2015.
  • Since the Oct. 24 primary, candidates and political groups in Louisiana have aired more than six days worth of advertising.
  • More than 8 in 10 ads aired since the primary have focused on the governor’s race.
  • While Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards has outspent Republican U.S. Sen David Vitter on TV ads since the primary for governor, outside groups have made up the slack and tilted the ad war slightly in Vitter’s favor with 2 percent more broadcast ads.
  • The top-spending outside group since the primary, Gumbo PAC, has spent more than an estimated $1.2 million attacking Vitter. But three other outside groups have come to his defense and spent more combined.
  • Overall, the pro-Vitter Fund for Louisiana’s Future, a federal super PAC, has outspent all outside groups in Louisiana this year, airing more than an estimated $3.1 million worth of political advertising.
  • Outside groups have accounted for more than 1 in 3 ads aired since Louisiana's primary.
  • The Virginia-based Center for Individual Freedom has spent an estimated $380,000 attacking incumbent Republican Attorney General Buddy Caldwell since the primary. Caldwell’s runoff opponent, Jeff Landry, is also Republican.