Who's backing 2016 ballot measures?

National advocacy groups are gearing up to ​push​ state ballot measures in 2016 on topics ranging from the minimum wage to marijuana legalization. Below is a sampling of groups and their plans.

Group Topics 2016 plans
American Civil Liberties Union, New York, N.Y. Criminal justice The group is reported to be planning three ballot initiatives for 2016 that would reform criminal sentencing. In a press release heralding a $50 million grant to work on the issue, the ACLU said in 2016 it would select states with high prison populations that also play key roles in the U.S. presidential elections.
Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Washington, D.C. Liberal measures The group's executive director said it will focus on "economic fairness" issues in 2016, including minimum wage measures, but didn't say which specific states or campaigns. The group works broadly to provide legal advice and political expertise for left-leaning ballot measure campaigns.
Center for American Progress, Washington, D.C. Minimum wage A spokesman for the group said it doesn't plan to fund ballot measure campaigns but will help advocate for raising the minimum wage in several states in 2016.
Center for Conservative Initiatives, Washington D.C. Free-market issues The leader of the newly formed group did not say which measures it would work on but pledged to push back on what he expects to be a record number of liberal initiatives.
Common Cause, Washington, D.C. Campaign finance Common Cause will back several campaign finance reform measures in 2016, an executive said, but is still working with partners to decide where.
Every Voice, Washington, D.C. Campaign finance The group is evaluating eight ballot measure campaigns, its president said, and will decide to provide funding and guidance on four to six of them.
Everytown for Gun Safety, New York, N.Y. Gun control The group is backing measures to expand background checks for gun sales in Nevada and Maine.
Humane Society, Washington, D.C. Animal welfare The group is backing a measure to protect endangered species in Oregon and an initiative to give farm animals more room to move around in Massachusetts. It also plans to oppose a measure in Oklahoma that would make it harder for the legislature to restrict farming practices.
Liberty Initiative Fund, Woodbridge, Va. Term limits, criminal justice The fund will support a measure to bolster term limits in Arkansas as well as local measures related to criminal justice reform.
Marijuana Policy Project, Washington, D.C. Marijuana legalization Marijuana Policy Project, the group responsible for legalizing pot in Colorado, is supporting legalization campaigns in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada.
National Employment Law Project, New York, N.Y. Minimum wage The group, which advises ballot measure campaigns, expects to assist efforts to raise the minimum wage in several states and cities. Campaigns are already underway in California, Maine, Oregon and more.
Personhood USA, Denver, Colo. Abortion Having pushed several initiatives in recent years to give rights to fetuses, the group said it won't pursue any initiatives in 2016.
Sierra Club, San Francisco, Calif. Environment, campaign finance The national political director voiced support for a measure to promote solar power in Florida, plans for measures to block fracking in Colorado and Michigan and a plan to tax carbon in Washington. The Club is "at the table talking" in every state, he said, but hasn't yet decided where to contribute cash.
SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West, Oakland, Calif. Minimum wage The group created the Fairness Project to support ballot campaigns to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour in California and the District of Columbia and $12 per hour in Maine.

Source: Center for Public Integrity reporting, Ballotpedia and media reports.