How to track presidential race TV ads

Center for Public Integrity app unpacks who's behind messaging blitzes



Another TV commercial flashes across your television.

Instantly, you recognize it as a presidential attack ad: ominous music, unflattering photographs and, in all likelihood, a sponsor with some gobbledygook name — Right to Rise USA, Priorities USA Action, New Day for America, Keep the Promise.

As candidates claw their way through presidential primary season, the Center for Public Integrity is tracking and mapping who is on the air, and where, through a new app.

Advertising activities of political action committees, super PACs, parties, nonprofit groups and, of course, the candidates will be displayed, along with many of the TV ads themselves.

The app — which uses data from ad tracking firm Kantar Media/CMAG, video from the Internet Archive and reporting from Center for Public Integrity journalists — will be updated each Tuesday.

Some ads will be subject to Center for Public Integrity "Source Check" reviews, which aim to reveal the money and people behind tough-to-track political ads.

These "Source Check" articles will be easily accessible through the new app.

The app is the latest component of "Buying of the President 2016," the Center for Public Integrity's reporting project investigating the candidates and political groups responsible for making this presidential election the most expensive in history.

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