Internet Caucus methodology

The Center for Public Integrity identified internet companies that are consumer facing, rely almost exclusively on the internet to sell goods and services, and collect personal information from their consumers and visitors to their websites.

Most of these companies were listed in the Internet industry list as categorized by the Center for Responsive Politics. Some internet companies were categorized in other industries such as Uber Technologies and (Miscellaneous Transport) and Airbnb Inc. (Lodging/Tourism). Trade groups were included. Companies that had spent money to lobby Congress since 2000 were included.

The Center excluded internet companies that were not consumer facing, including internet-infrastructure companies, investment groups and those primarily selling to businesses, such as In all, the Center identified 46 companies and trade groups, listed below.

The Center, with assistance from the Center for Responsive Politics, searched for campaign contributions since 2000 from employees identified as working for one of the internet companies. The contributions were totaled and the top 10 listed. The three recipients who received the most from each employee were identified and listed.

To identify privacy bills passed by Congress, the Center searched using privacy as a keyword search. Bills specifically targeting consumer-privacy protections were included.

List of internet companies and trade groups


Alibaba Group Inc.


Demand Media

Dropbox Inc.

eBay Inc.


Electronic Transactions Association

Etsy Inc.

Expedia Inc.

Facebook Inc.

Financial Innovation Now

Google/Alphabet Inc.


Interactive Advertising Bureau

Internet Association

Internet Commerce Coalition

Internet Infrastructure Coalition

Linden Lab

Linkedin Corp.

Music Choice

Net Coalition

Netflix Inc.

Pandora Media

PayPal Inc.



Spotify USA


TripAdvisor Inc.



Yahoo! Inc.

Yelp Inc.