This year's tax reform proposals

State Proposal Tax rate changes Status
Alabama HB 411 Raise income thresholds for claiming standard deductions. Referred to committee on Ways and Means Education.
Arizona HB 2528 Changes amount of personal tax exemptions a person could take based on the Metropolitan Phoenix Consumer Price Index In Senate
Georgia HB 329 5.4% flat tax Failed
Idaho HB 67 7.2% income tax rate Vetoed by Governor
Iowa SF 38 Eliminates income tax Reassigned to subcommittee
Kansas HB 2395 5% flat tax Passed by Committee on Taxation
Kansas SB 214 4.6% flat tax Failed
Maine Governor's budget proposal 5.75% flat tax Ongoing
Maryland SB 113 3.9% flat tax In Senate
Michigan HB 4001 Annual rollback of rate until zero Failed
New Mexico HB 412 5% income flat tax, adds tax on food. Passed House
South Carolina S 600 Reduce number of tax brackets from six to three. Referred to Committee on Finance
Virginia SB 757 5.75% flat tax In committee
West Virginia HB 2934 5.1% flat tax In committee
West Virginia HB 2933 5.1% flat tax, with expanded sales tax of 5% Tabled on 3/30/2017
West Virginia SB 335 2.5% flat tax, 8% sales tax In committee