Methodology for examining FCC’s net neutrality meetings

For each net neutrality rules proposal, the Center for Public Integrity counted the publicly available ex parte notices submitted to the agency between the day the official release of a proposal and the reply-comment deadline. Individuals must file an ex parte notice if they meet with FCC staff, identifying who was at the meeting and the topics discussed. For Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal, the Center counted the meetings from May 18, 2014, to Sept. 15, 2014.  For Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal, the Center counted filings from May 23 to Aug. 30.

To calculate average meetings per day, the Center divided the number of meetings by the number of days that the public comment period lasted. For Wheeler, it was 121 days. For Pai, it was 100 days.

The Center did not count ex parte filings that were letters sent electronically to the FCC because they did not include meetings with agency staff.