Sen. Brian Munzlinger, Missouri

Sen. Brian Munzlinger, Missouri

Republican state Sen. Brian Munzlinger grows the key ingredients for biofuel -- soybeans and corn -- and reported being a partner or participant in two biofuels companies. Last year, he sponsored and voted for bills that would have created economic subsidies for biofuel producers, and he helped pass a bill that shields the biofuel industry from lawsuits for damage caused by ethanol-blended fuel.

When asked if sponsoring that legislation posed a conflict, Munzlinger said, “Hell, no.”

He added, “We have doctors do doctor bills that may relate somehow to the industry that they’re in, but as far as a conflict, a conflict would have to be something about money or something like that .... And I definitely don’t see that.”

Reporting by the Center for Public Integrity’s Liz Essley Whyte and David Jordan; The Associated Press’ Summer Ballentine, Ryan J. Foley, Michelle Price, Holly Ramer, Gary Robertson, Mark Scolforo, Brian Slodysko.

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