Legislation spurred by the mock convention

Legislation seeking a constitutional convention

Lawmakers who attended a mock constitutional convention in September 2016 have introduced bills to seek a real convention in the following states. Only passed or pending bills are included.

State Year of sponsorship Bill status
Alaska January 2014 Passed
Arizona January 2017 Passed
Florida March 2014 Passed
Georgia January 2014 Passed
Illinois February 2017 Passed
Indiana January 2016 Passed
Louisiana April 2016 Passed
Missouri January 2017 Passed
New Jersey January 2018 Pending
North Carolina February 2017 Pending*
North Dakota January 2017 Passed
Ohio February 2017 Pending
Pennsylvania June 2017 Pending
Tennessee January 2015 Passed
Texas December 2016 Passed

*North Carolina is in special session

Sources: state legislative records, news reports