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The Public i™ is the Center for Public Integrity’s award-winning newsletter. Launched in 1994, it’s been the venue for some of the Center’s biggest scoops, including “Fat Cat Hotel,” the story that first exposed how wealthy Democratic donors and fundraisers were being rewarded with overnight stays in the White House as guests of President and Mrs. Clinton. That issue of The Public i™, published in August 1996, won the “Public Service in Newsletter Journalism” award from the Society of Professional Journalists “in recognition of distinguished service to the American people and the profession of journalism through outstanding accomplishment during the year of 1996.”

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December 2009 issue (PDF format 1.27 MB)

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December 2008 issue (PDF format 1.67 MB)

December 2007 issue (PDF format 747 KB)

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May 2002 Issue (PDF format 205 KB)

  • Center Releases Capitol Offenders: How Private Interests Govern Our States
  • $570 Million Spent on Lobbying in the States in 2000
  • For Banks, a Payday in the Statehouse
  • Since Our Last Newsletter

February 2002 Issue (PDF format 156 KB)

  • White House Pushed Pro-Tobacco Rule in Anti-Terrorism Bill
  • HUD Office Mismanages Funds
  • Racicot will Continue Lobbying while Serving as RNC Chair

December 2001 Issue (PDF format 267 KB)

  • Enron’s Top Brass Were Big Donors
  • Enron: A Financial and Political Scandal (Commentary)
  • Africa’s ‘Merchant of Death’ Sold Arms to The Taliban

November 2001 Issue (PDF format 380 KB)

  • Osama bin Laden: How U.S. Helped Midwife a Terrorist
  • U.S. role in Gulf War
  • U.S. Embassy Bombings

September 2001 Issue (PDF format 212 KB)

  • Investigation Looked at Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil
  • CIA Gave at Least $10 Million to Ex-Spymaster

June 2001 Issue (PDF format 238 KB)

  • The Bush Team
  • A Dozen Summer Interns
  • Politics and Human Cloning

April 2001 Issue (PDF format 1874 KB)

  • Most Surprising Finding: Feds’ Non-response to Tax Cheats
  • A Special Offer for new and Renewing Members

February 2001 Issue (PDF format 266 KB)

  • Young Pilots Riskier Than the Over-60s Who are Turned Away
  • Legislators’ Ties to Timber Industry
  • Message to Our Members

December 2000 Issue (PDF format 234 KB)

  • Attack Linked to U.S. Bomb
  • U.K. May Probe Cigarette Smuggling
  • Philip Morris Accused of Smuggling
  • Membership message

October 2000 Issue (PDF format 255 KB)

  • Anti-Hillary Groups Drawn to New York
  • Little Money for Black Candidates
  • Membership message

April 2000 Issue (PDF format 732 KB)

  • Overnight Guests at Governor’s Mansion Added $2.2 Million to Bush Campaign
  • Vice President’s Quarters Draws Fundraisers Bucks
  • Major Tobacco Mutlinational Implicated In Cigarette Smuggling, Tax Evasion, Documents Show
  • Charles Lewis Commentary: Denial and Hypocrisy
  • Celebrity Quiz
  • Membership message

Opposition Research (PDF format 143 KB), August 1999
The pen isn’t the only communications tool that’s mightier than the sword. There’s also the video camera, which in the right hands can produce some very special effects- for instance, making a mountain of trash disappear.

Poison Politics (PDF format 176 KB), June 1999
Since Toxic Deception was first published in 1997, the EPA claims to have mended many of the holes in the tattered safety net for toxic chemicals. But as the new edition of the book shows, appearances can be deceiving.

Reporting Across Borders (PDF format 187 KB), March 1999
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is the first systematic effort ever to bring the world’s leading investigative reporters together in a collaborative—and largely electronic—network.

Not-So-Full Disclosure (PDF format 162 KB), February 1999
Financial-disclosure rules are the first line of defense against lawmakers using their positions of public trust for private gain. Taken together, however, the rules that apply to state legislators may be more loophole than law.

The Death of Conscience (PDF format 166 KB), October 1998
The public perception today is that most lawmakers on Capitol Hill won’t risk their careers for anything. Why? A tale of two former senators speaks volumes about what’s wrong in Washington these days.

In Your Backyard (PDF format 180 KB), August 1998
Americans apply about 74 million pounds of pesticides a year to everything from lawns and playgrounds to golf courses and parks. Here’s how the industry that manufactures them keeps Congress—and the EPA—on its side.

Errant Arcs (PDF format 182 KB), May 1998
In 1991, the National Transportation Safety Board urged the Federal Aviation Administration to inspect the wiring on Boeing 737s. The FAA didn’t listen—until events eight years later forced it to act.

Anything Goes? (PDF format 141 KB), April 1998
What’s stopping lawmakers in the Illinois General Assembly from proposing and voting on measures that could boost their own incomes? Nothing, the Center’s investigation shows.

The Invisible Threat (PDF format 133 KB), August 1997
An excerpt from the Center’s widely acclaimed book, Toxic Deception: How the Chemical Industry Manipulates Science, Bends the Law, and Endangers Your Health.

The Big Squeeze (PDF format 87 KB), March 1997
An excerpt from the Center’s report, Squeeze Play: The United States, Cuba, and the Helms-Burton Act, an in-depth investigation of the influences that have shaped U.S. policy toward Cuba.

Presidential Frequent Fliers (PDF format 80 KB), December 1996
Bill Clinton and Bob Dole hit the air running in the 1996 campaign, but both of them flew on the cheap, thanks to huge – and mostly hidden – subsidies from corporate America and the nation’s taxpayers.

Limited Partners (PDF format 91 KB), October 1996
Elizabeth and Robert Dole’s investment in a tax shelter raises a series of provocative questions, especially for a presidential candidate who has made tax fairness and integrity the centerpieces of his campaign.

Fat Cat Hotel (PDF format 184 KB), August 1996
Where to stay in the nation’s capital? If you’re one of the Democratic Party’s big donors or fundraisers, your hotel of choice isn’t the Four Seasons or the Ritz-Carlton. It’s the White House.

Playing Political Roulette (PDF format 114 KB), June 1996
The gambling industry has moved quickly to accumulate influence and clout in national politics. In this year’s presidential race, it’s betting the house.

Campaign 96: The Hidden Persuaders (PDF format 87 KB), February 1996
Candidates on the Washington Culture: Lamar Alexander, Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan, Phil Gramm, Bill Clinton, and Richard Lugar.

Unanswered Questions the Presidential Candidates Don’t Want You to Ask (PDF format 108 KB), January 1996
1995 Contributions to presidential candidates from Bill Clinton, Lamar Alexander, Patrick Buchanan, and Bob Dole, their “Top Ten Career Patrons.”

Steve Forbes and the Flat Tax (PDF format 95 KB), December 1995
With the assistance of an accounting firm that made estimates based on available public financial disclosure records, the Center revealed that millionaire publisher Steve Forbes’s key campaign issue, advocacy of a “flat tax,” would have cut his own annual tax liability in half.

Rocky Mountain High-Flier (PDF format 100 KB), June 1995
A look into the foreign trade missions sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce and led by Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown.

Contract with an American (PDF format 94 KB), March 1995
A look into Marianne Gingrich’s position with the Israel Export Development Company, Ltd.

Public Trust, Private Influence (PDF format 240 KB), November 1994

  • A word from Charles Lewis on arrogance
  • James MacGregor Burns on leadership
  • Inside the Beltway-New Campaign Fund Uses!
  • Dread Disease; Old Nuke and New Nuke Concerns
  • A Defense Fund Tax Primer
  • Cuba Si! Cuba No!

Lobbying (PDF format 132 KB), July 1994

  • The Fastest Growing Health Care Industry
  • A word from Charles Lewis, “Where’s the Outrage?”
  • An interview with Bill Kovach
  • Inside the Beltway: Summer Bummer
  • Inside America: Scary Water
  • Study Update: Rainy Day II
  • Gold Rush for Former Senator